Terminal Automation Systems

Terminal Automation software for the petrochemical industry

Regulatory and economic requirements for the business control of receipt, storage and delivery of products are more challenging today than they have ever been. These continual changes require comprehensive, open, flexible and cost-effective management systems. FMA has succeeded and thrived in a volatile industry by pioneering leading-edge software solutions and forging strong strategic alliances and technical partnerships.

FMA Systems proprietary products TaOpen and DepotVisor are immensely flexible and innovative computing products, designed to be run on either a single workstation or on distributed systems.

Local or Remote Terminal Automation

Our software enables many of the users, either locally or remotely, to simultaneously monitor and control depot operations, as it is designed to work with the internet. A graphics package of the site enables the operator to see and control the status of pumps, valves and other items of plant equipment.

TaOpen and DepotVisor are capable of interfacing with major ERP supply chain management systems such as SAP™, J D Edwards™ and Sun Systems™. This allows load requests to be entered at head office or other locations and then sent to other locations for loading. On completion of loading our software sends back reporting information to the supply chain management system.

Depending on customer requirements, TaOpen and DepotVisor can be configured to provide any or all of these functions locally and remotely:

  • Vehicle and pedestrian access controls
  • Supervision of vehicle loading and unloading
  • Stock management
  • Tank level and temperature gauging
  • Tank farm control and monitoring
  • Additive and blending control
  • Vehicle bunkering
  • Order processing and invoicing
  • Management reporting
  • Internet-ready communications to other supervisory systems

Our largest site currently using the system has some 400 vehicle movements a day, while the smallest has just 10.

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